Where can I use my charging station?

Your EV charging station can be installed indoors or outdoors, at home, at a business or in your apartment building.

What is the lifespan of my electric charging station?

Your charging station is guaranteed for 3 years, but the technology it contains enables us to say that you will own it for many more years.

Is my charging station compatible with all electric vehicles?

Yes! Any electric or hybrid vehicle sold in Canada is totally compatible with our charging stations.

Can I install my charging station myself?

Absolutely, it is so easy to install the Global EV One charging station that you can do it yourself! You will just have to contact an electrician to make the final connection to the electrical network.

How long will it take to charge an electric vehicle with my station?

Several factors determine the charging time (initial level, outdoor temperature, vehicle model, etc.) but on average, a charge of 2 hours at 32 amps gives a vehicle about 100 km of range.

Are your stations eligible for subsidies for electric vehicles?

Yes, our stations are eligible for current government subsidies. See our section that provides more information on the available rebates.

What type of circuit breaker do I need to install in my electrical panel to power my station?

It depends on the station you choose. For the EV One 32A, you will need a 40A circuit breaker on 220V. A 50A circuit breaker on 220V will be required for the 40A station. Note that this work must be done by a certified electrician.

Why should I change the amperage of my charging station?

To increase the life of your battery! When a battery is constantly recharged quickly with high amperage it has an impact on its durability in the long-term. This is why we enable and advise our customers to decrease the charging amperage when you have more available charging time.

How do I change the amperage of my charging station?

To change the station’s amperage, all you have to do is hold the side button for from 30 sec. to 1 minute. A flashing line will appear under the various amperage choices. With the same button, you can select the amperage you want.