Model EV ONE

The portable and intelligent EV ONE charging station offers you a world of possibilities with its adjustable amperage. It lets you recharge your vehicle faster due to its high power, or recharge it slowly to preserve the life of your battery.

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In addition to having all the benefits of our EV ONE charging station, the RFID model comes with keychain style chips to lock and unlock the charging station. This model is very popular with companies, as it allows them to program exclusive access for specific users.

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Nos bornes

Features of our stations

01/07 Charging intensity

02/07 Voltage detected

03/07 Number of charges

04/07 Internal temperature

05/07 Elapsed usage time

06/07 Accumulated kWh

07/07 Maximum intensity range

Our certifications

Notre borne EV One possède la certification canadienne CSA, ce qui signifie qu’elle répond aux standards élevés exigés au Canada. Vous êtes ainsi assuré d’un produit sécuritaire de qualité supérieure.