Are you thinking about installing an EV charging station for your business? The benefits of owning your own EV charging solution are undeniable.

Increasing numbers of Quebec motorists are becoming aware of the environmental impact of emission vehicles and are turning to electric cars. With a growing number of employees investing in green energy, this is a beneficial option for business owners to provide this kind of infrastructure.

Learn more about our electric vehicle chargers and why to choose our charging station company to handle the installation of an EV charger at your business.

EV One RFID: The best EV charging station for business

The EV One RFID station is our highest-performance and easiest-to-use charging station model. It is ideal for business owners and industrialists who want to offer their employees a fast and efficient charging system for electric cars at a convenient location.

Discover all the key features of the EV One RFID level 2 charging stations and enjoy its smart charging functionalities thanks to Global Industries.


The specifications of the EV One RFID station

  • The energy supplied is displayed in kWh on the LCD screen in real time
  • Adjustable amperage (fast or slow charge, depending on your needs)
  • 7.6-metre (25-foot) output cable
  • Indoor or outdoor charging station installation (charging stations placed in a parking lot, garage, vehicle fleet, etc.)
  • Internal temperature
  • Charging station eligible for the Roulez Vert! subsidy and the support program in your municipality
  • NEMA 14-50P and 6-50P version
  • Comes with key fob-style charging cards that offer optimal user access control for private companies, residential buildings, or industries


The advantages of the EV One RFID charging station for business

  • Impressive durability: Charging stations also need to be resistant, especially if installed outside. Our stations are therefore designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 50 °C.
  • Safety and compatibility: The EV One RFID station is compatible with all rechargeable hybrid or electric vehicles in North America. Our smart EV charging stations for businesses also protect electric cars from fluctuations in the power supply thanks to cutting-edge safety mechanisms.
  • 3-year warranty, but we have no doubt that it will have a lifespan longer than a few years.
  • Reach your sustainability goals with our environmentally friendly EV charger models.
  • Major savings on charging fees (public charging costs) for users.
  • Availability of a charging station at work: You no longer need to wait your turn at public locations due to a lack of stations, increasing employee satisfaction.

Why choose Global Industries for installing an EV charging station for business?

Global Industries specializes in the manufacture of electric vehicle charging stations for business. We offer you quality service and charging solutions that are perfectly tailored to the reality of your business or industry.

Don’t hesitate to speak with a certified business charging station installer at Global Industries. Our level 2 charging stations are capable of recharging your electric vehicles quickly and efficiently.


Our certifications

All the charging solutions sold and distributed by our charging station company hold Canadian CSA certification. Our EV One RFID charging station for business therefore meets the highest standards in the electric or hybrid car charging station industry in Canada. By choosing our industry leading station, you are assured of having acquired a high-quality product that meets all your electric vehicle charging needs.