Who is Global?

Global Industries is a Quebec-based company specializing in the rapidly evolving field of green technology, whose core products are EV charging stations.

Our mission: to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation by making EV charging solutions for homes, businesses and communities more flexible and affordable.

By focusing on the research and development of innovative solutions for the electrification of transportation, Global offers its customers a wide range of quality products adapted to the North American climate and specifically designed to power the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow. In addition to uncompromising build quality and reliability, what makes our charging stations so enjoyable to own is their ease of use.


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All of our EV charging stations are ENERGY STAR-, CSA- and UL-certified,
which means you’re buying a safe, superior-quality product, and peace of mind

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Where to find us

Global’s charging stations can only be purchased through our online store or at our head office.

To find out which charging station is best suited to your needs, visit the “Our EV charging stations” page or contact a member of our team, who will be happy to advise you.